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Triumph in Moto2™

As the exclusive engine supplier to the FIM Moto2™ World Championship since the start of the 2019 season, Triumph Motorcycles provides all of the teams with race-tuned 765cc triples, each of which is based on the class-leading Street Triple RS powerplant. With developments that allow the engine to breathe more freely and rev harder, peak power output is more than 140PS (an increase of more than 17% over the production bike).

Triumph’s inaugural year was a record-breaking debut: 16 circuit lap records and 18 circuit top speeds were claimed from the 19 races, as well as the first ever +300km/h Moto2™ top speeds. The Triumph 765cc triple powerplant redefined the class, and there’s even more in 2020.

Working hard over the off-season, Triumph’s testing has focused on using the data acquired and optimising every individual component with the benefit of a year’s insight.

From this the team have focused improvements to dimensions and tolerances which has allowed Triumph to soften the over-rev limit on downshifting. Combined with the benefit to the teams of having one year’s worth of data using Triumph engines, and the levelling factor of so many rider changes since 2019, the 2020 season is proving to be another thriller – even faster and with even closer racing.

The records are continuing to fall in 2020 as the level of performance has climbed higher still, with new top speeds, race lap records and outright circuit records all falling again to Triumph power.

Triumph and Dorna also launched the Triumph Triple Trophy in 2020, with the aim of identifying those standout performances throughout a race weekend over and above Sunday’s Grand Prix victory. Completing the circle, the Triumph Triple Trophy winner will receive a Street Triple RS, from which their Moto2™ 765cc triple is derived.

Moto2™ - #PoweredByTriumph

Triumph's moto2 bike being ridden around the track


The Moto2™ engine represents the latest milestone in Triumph’s international racing history.

For more than a century race winners, record holders, and icons of the starting grid have done so on a Triumph motorcycle.

This is Triumph’s racing pedigree...

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