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To celebrate the closeness of the competition in Moto2™, Triumph and Dorna launched the ‘Triumph Triple Trophy'



In the incredibly competitive arena of Moto2™, achieving a Grand Prix victory is only one dimension of the story to come out of a race weekend. 

This initiative further rewards those standout riders during each Grand Prix weekend, awarding points across three categories: fastest top speed of the weekend, pole position, and fastest race lap. The one rider at the top of each of these categories (or multiple riders in the case of a tie) are awarded 7, 6 and 5 points respectively at each Grand Prix:

- Position Progression: 7 points for the fastest rider / riders in case of a tie

- Pole position: 6 points for the rider on pole

- Fastest race lap: 5 points for the fastest rider / riders in case of a tie

The winner - the rider who has achieved the greatest number of points throughout the season - will be awarded a Triumph Street Triple RS motorcycle which is powered by the 765cc triple engine from which the Moto2™ powerplant is derived.



2023 results

1st: Jake Dixon (7 Points)

2nd: Filip Salac (6 Points)

3rd: Pedro Acosta (5 Points)

Best progression in the race (7 points): Jake Dixon

Pole position (6 points)Filip Salac

Race fastest lap (5 points): Pedro Acosta





1st: Alonso Lopez

2nd: Jake Dixon

3rd: Sergio Garcia

Best progression in the race (7 points): Sergio Garcia

Pole position (6 points)Alonso Lopez

Race fastest lap (5 points)Alonso Lopez





1st: Jeremy Alcoba (12 Points)

2nd: Alonso Lopez (11 Points)

3rd: Jake Dixon (7 Points) 

Best progression in the race (7 points)Jeremy Alcoba, Tony Arbolino, Borja Gomez, Izan guevara, David Sanchis, Soichiro Minamimoto

Pole position (6 points)Celestino Vietti

Race fastest lap (5 points)Jeremy Alcoba





1st: Sergio Garcia (14 Points)

2nd: Jeremy Alcoba (12 Points)

3rd: Alonso Lopez (11 Points)

Best progression in the race (7 points): Sergio Garcia, Dennis Foggia, & Senna Agius

Pole position (6 points)Sam Lowes

Race fastest lap (5 points)Sam Lowes


1st: Sam Lowes (17 Points)

2nd: Sergio Garcia (14 Points)

3rd: Dennis Faggia (14 Points)

Best progression in the race (7 points): Dennis Foggia

Pole position (6 points): Sam Lowes

Race fastest lap (5 points): Pedro Acosta






Powered by Moto2™ race engine evolution, for the highest performance, highest specification and most agile Street Triple line-up ever.

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