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Triumph Chrome Collection
모터사이클 Triumph Motorcycles 31st 10 2022


10대의 각각 아름답고 독특한 새로운 크롬 디자인의 상징적인 모터사이클은 한정된 기간 동안만 구입할 수 있습니다



Ten iconic motorcycles, each with a beautiful and unique new chrome design. 

Inspired by the classic custom look, beautifully executed by Triumph’s world-class design and manufacturing teams. 

This simply stunning collection of ten iconic chrome edition Triumph motorcycles is a celebration of hand-crafted style and tradition. 

Renowned for exceptional finish and detailing, the exciting Modern Classic and Rocket 3 chrome edition line-up reinforces Triumph’s position as the true leader in authentic character and style.

Available for one year only, each Chrome Edition motorcycle perfectly showcases the craft and capability of the dedicated teams that have perfected the skill of chrome detailing over many years.

Beautifully and sensitively incorporated into each of these ten iconic motorcycles, Chrome Edition riders can enjoy the thrilling performance, neutral handling and modern capability of the latest generation line-up, amplified by a truly exclusive, custom-inspired look.




수공예로 디자인된 크롬 도금에 젯 블랙 컬러의 연료탱크는 바버의 순수하고 잔인한 아름다움을 놀랍고 새로우며 독특한 투톤 컬러 조합으로 표현합니다.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Chrome Edition