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Add to your Triumph collection from a superb assortment of both classic and limited edition branded merchandise, as well as new Visitor Experience memorabilia, all brought together exclusively for our visitors.

Triumph Visitor Center

Exclusive merchandise and clothing

The Triumph Visitor Experience Store is the only place you can find this exclusive collection of clothing, merchandise and memorabilia.

Visitors can choose from merchandise and clothing that can't be bought anywhere else, including limited edition posters, t-shirts, and books.

You can also create your own personalised keyring, with unique VIN plate details punched here on site at Triumph.  Order online when you book your Factory Tour, or purchase onsite from our store for only £15 per keyring.


We welcome visitors of all ages, because at the Triumph Store we stock a super range of memorabilia and merchandise for young and old.

And if you’re looking for some super-stylish Triumph-branded clothing then this is the perfect opportunity to avoid any sizing guesswork, and try your favourite garments on for size before you buy.


Due to
the unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines announced by the Government
recently, we have temporarily closed the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

Triumph Visitor Center


Get exclusive Visitor Experience branded clothing here, as well as many other Triumph fashion favourites.

Our store is the perfect opportunity to stock up on Triumph collectables!

Triumph Visitor Center


트라이엄프 비지터 익스피리언스 기념품숍에서 다른 데서는 찾기 힘든 의류, 상품, 기념품을 구입할 수 있습니다.

Triumph Visitor Center


Unique VIN details are stamped right here at the Triumph factory!

Triumph Visitor Experience Factory Tour

Factory Tour 

This amazing opportunity to visit the factory floor offers unprecedented access to Triumph's unique engineering and manufacturing processes during this exclusive guided tour.