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Triumph Thunderbird LT Motorcycle 2014-2017

The Thunderbird LT is a cruiser motorbike with superior handling and performance with its classic Triumph parallel twin. The styling is pure cruiser with sweeping lines, low seat and high bars. Designed to make every trip the trip of a life time while the miles melt away, the Thunderbird LT is the epitome of what every cruiser should be, with a distinctively British touch.

The Triumph Thunderbird LT has been in production since 2014 with updates occurring until 2016, most noticeably the introduction of a jet black colour-way in 2015.

The Triumph Thunderbird LT shares the same underlying chassis and powerful 1699cc parallel twin engine as the Thunderbird Commander. But what sets them apart is the easy-going, laid-back vibe of a premium classic touring cruiser that the Thunderbird LT embodies. The whole Thunderbird family is massively torquey, with both the Commander and LT holding the world’s largest parallel twin engine which certainly packs a punch. The Triumph Thunderbird LT is distinctive and charismatic making every journey a memory. The whole Thunderbird family was specifically designed for enjoyable, comfortable yet adrenaline-charged cruising.

The key benefits of buying your Triumph Thunderbird LT from one of our dealerships are:

  • Used Bike Stock: Our dealers have a large stock of pre-owned, used bikes to choose from and will often have the model you’re looking for in stock.
  • Buy with Confidence: The bikes for sale in our dealerships will have a known history, rest assured we have ticked every box and conducted every test necessary.
  • Finance: Our dealers can help you choose the best payment plan for your purchase and budget meaning that owning your dream bike is never out of reach.
  • Part Exchange: We run a part-exchange system which can save you the hassle of selling your bike privately.
  • Servicing: When it comes to looking after your Triumph motorcycle, keep it genuine and let a technician who has undergone extensive training from our factory based trainers keep it in the best condition.

Thunderbird LT Reviews and Recommendations

The Thunderbird LT was designed to be everything a cruiser should be; fast, authentic, comfortable but also, enjoyable to ride. But, Triumph engineering has added something even more special,

“Superior performance and handling without ever diluting what the Thunderbird is all about. Laid back and relaxed, the Thunderbird is exactly the way a cruiser should be”. – TopSpeed, 2013

“It’s a classy combination, but it only takes one look at the Triumph Thunderbird Range to instantly know they’ve got the lot. From making big miles disappear to dominating the urban landscape; whichever you choose, the world’s largest parallel twin engine has every answer.”- TotalMotorcycle, 2016

Fine honed advanced ergonomic refinement created the dual-layer foam seat with lumbar support, leaving your ride un-phased on even the bumpiest of roads. As VisorDown quoted, “You’re sat in the bike, not on it”.

The Thunderbird LT seamlessly combines American cruiser style with iconic British engineering meaning that this bike can be perfect for a cross-country ride or even your morning commute.

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