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Bud Ekins was a professional stuntman, top motorcross and desert racer and one of Steve McQueen’s closest friends and riding partners - a genuine motorcycle legend. Triumph’s biggest 1960’s American dealer based in Sherman Oaks, California, Bud Ekins’ name is celebrated by Triumph with -the iconic Bonneville T100, which exudes timeless style and an engaging easy-going ride with 900cc twin engine capability.

With its beautiful Californian inspired paint scheme, and range of dedicated special details and touches, this unique special edition T100 Bonneville celebrates the enthusiasm, attitude, and dedication of one of the world’s greatest motorcycling icons.

Price From KRW 15,600,000


Front shot of Triumph Bud Ekins special limited edition T100 static on the beach
Bud Ekins T100 special limited edition with the tank knee pads


With all the attitude, style and silhouette of our original ’59 Bonneville, this new beautiful special edition T120 celebrates the incredible life and achievements of American desert racer, stunt rider and motorcycling icon Bud Ekins.

Price From KRW 19,400,000


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Triumph Bonneville T100 right hand facing in New England White and Intense Orange Colour option

Bonneville T100

Starting from ₩14,800,000

Triumph Bonneville T100 Black right hand facing in Matt Black

Bonneville T100 Black

Starting from ₩14,800,000

Triumph T100 Bud Ekins Special Edition Cut out korosi red snowdonia white

Bud Ekins T100

Starting from ₩15,600,000