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Innovative, progressive technology for maximum convenience, control and comfort.

The new Tiger 900 range is loaded with an incredibly high level of ride-enhancing state-of-the-art technology designed specifically to maximise your riding. The technology capability of each one of our five Tiger 900 models is tailored to suit the ride and focus of each bike, so whichever Tiger 900 you choose, you’re always enjoying the optimum level of technology.


Stay informed and connected while you’re riding with the new Tiger 900 range’s incredible state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology.

NEW class-leading 7” TFT screen 
The mid- and top-spec Tiger 900 Rally, Rally Pro, GT and GT Pro models feature all-new full-colour 7” TFT instruments, giving incredible clarity in four different information layout styles and four different colours. (The Tiger 900 base model has a 5-inch TFT high contrast screen)

Comprehensive information display
The new TFT instruments on the mid- and top-spec Tiger 900s display a host of information from the on-board computer via the 7-inch colour screen.  Information permanently displayed includes speed, rev counter, riding mode symbol, gear position display, fuel level, clock, ambient temperature, and mobile signal strength.  Additional information includes two trip displays, average and instantaneous fuel consumption, range to empty, riding mode selection, display style, contrast settings, service information, coolant temperature, and warning symbol information.

My Triumph connectivity system fitted as standard on the GT Pro and Rally Pro models
Adding a whole new dimension to your ride, the integrated My Triumph connectivity system enables turn-by-turn navigation functionality in partnership with Google, GoPro control as well as phone calls and music operation, all of which is facilitated by a standard fit Connectivity module, accessed via the switchcubes and displayed on the 7-inch TFT screen.  The My Triumph connectivity system can also be added on the mid-spec GT and Rally models with an accessory fit Connectivity module and software package update. 


When you’re looking for new adventure experiences, make sure you have a motorcycle that’s designed with all the technological capability needed to maximise your ride enjoyment.

NEW optimised-cornering ABS*
Optimised cornering ABS is standard for the new mid- and top-spec Tiger 900 Rally, Rally Pro, GT and GT Pro.  The cornering functionality adapts the ABS intervention to maintain the optimum braking performance whatever the lean angle.  On the Rally Pro model, ABS can be turned off through engaging the Off-Road Pro mode.  (*This feature is not available on the Tiger 900 base model)

NEW optimised-cornering traction control*
Optimised cornering traction control is standard for all mid- and top-spec Tiger 900 models.  The cornering functionality regulates the traction control intervention to maintain the optimum level of traction whatever the lean angle for enhanced ride quality and rider safety.  Traction control can also be switched off independently using a dedicated menu on the TFT display.  (*This feature is not available on the Tiger 900 base model)

NEW IMU & fully integrated technology system
The optimised cornering ABS and traction control features on the mid- and top-spec Tiger 900s are supported by an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) by Continental. This enables the automatic selection of the appropriate level of ABS and traction control intervention by measuring roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration rates, in order to calculate lean angle.  This system ensures greater riding stability.

NEW Triumph Shift Assist
Included on the top spec GT Pro and Rally Pro models as standard, and available to all other Tiger 900 models as an accessory, the new Triumph Shift Assist allows up and down gear changes to be performed without the use of the clutch for smooth, comfortable gear changes whilst maintaining accelerator position.  This adds to rider convenience and can reduce rider fatigue over long journeys.

NEW signature all-LED lighting
The Tiger 900 (GT and Rally) range's signature all-LED lighting brings maintenance-free visibility with a new more distinctively styled headlight with DRL, tail light, auxiliary lights, and indicators.  The new all-LED headlight provides a 27% mass reduction over alternative lighting systems, while incorporating distinctive Daytime Running Lights (DRL)*. The LED auxiliary lights provide long distance, all day capability, and are fitted as standard on the top spec GT Pro and Rally Pro models. (*Please note that the DRL function is only available in applicable markets)

Up to six riding modes
The new Tiger 900 range has up to six riding modes that adjust throttle response, ABS and traction control settings for maximum rider control in all riding conditions.  All Tiger 900 models have Road and Rain riding modes, and the mid-spec Tiger 900 GT and Rally models have an additional two riding modes, Off-Road and Sport.  The top spec GT Pro and Rally Pro bikes both enjoy an additional fifth Rider-programmable mode, and the Rally Pro exclusively has a sixth – Off-Road Pro. This is the most advanced off-road set-up for experienced adventure and off-road capable riders.


Static shot of Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro in city landscape


At the heart of the Tiger 900’s premium ride quality is a highly robust and dependable set of core technology, all designed to make a great ride even greater.

Electronic cruise control
Fitted as standard on the mid-spec Tiger 900 Rally and GT, and top-spec Rally Pro and GT Pro models, cruise control is accessed easily during riding to add an extra level of convenience on longer journeys.  Cruise control can help to reduce rider fatigue over long distances, and can also improve fuel efficiency.

Heated grips and heated seats
Heated grips are standard fit on all mid- and top-spec Tiger 900 models.  Heated rider and pillion seats are fitted as standard on the top spec GT Pro and Rally Pro models, and available as an accessory fit option on the mid-spec GT and Rally models.

Switchcubes and 5-way joystick
The left hand switchcube on all Tiger 900 models has an intuitive, unique-in-segment 5-way joystick control which is ergonomically optimised to be easy to use when riding, to navigate the TFT instrument displays.  The right hand switchcube supplies riding functions for all models including the ‘Start/Stop’ button.  On the top-spec GT Pro and Rally Pro models, additional switches control the heated seats and fog lights.

Powered devices and charging
A secure mobile phone storage compartment with 5v USB power socket is fitted under the seat for charging personal equipment (not available on base Tiger 900 model). A 12v power socket is also fitted for additional convenience.

Illuminated switches
Innovative backlit switches on the top spec GT Pro and Rally Pro models enhance rider interaction, improving control in all lighting conditions. All buttons illuminate from LEDs housed inside the switchcubes.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
TPMS is fitted as standard on the top spec GT Pro and Rally Pro models, and available as an accessory for all other Tiger 900 models.  TPMS alerts the rider when tyre pressures fall below an optimum level, adding to rider safety and convenience.


Tiger 900 GT Pro Korosi Red RHS CGI


Transformed, for even more urban adventure, long distance travel and everything in between.

Built specifically for road-going adventure, the stunning Tiger 900 GT range has all the equipment and technology needed to approach every single ride in comfort and style.

Tiger 900 Rally Pro Front view CGI
Tiger 900 Rally Pro Matt Khaki RHS CGI


Transformed for maximum off-road adventure and all-day riding capability, control and comfort.

The exciting dual-purpose Tiger 900 Rally range sets a benchmark for handling, specification and style, with the performance and technology to take you everywhere you want to go.


Tiger 900 GT pro in Caspian blue


Price From ₩21,360,000

Matt Khaki Tiger 900 Rally Pro RHS CGI


Price From ₩22,190,000